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Both my study of Scripture and my career in entertaining children have taught me how to cherish them. Most things are good, and they are the strongest things; but there are evil things too, and you are not doing a child a favor by trying to shield them from reality. The important thing to teach a child is that good can always triumph over evil. 

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Happy Halloween.

Let’s get real for a moment.

Christians spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday during the year except one. In the US, we spent $7.4 billion dollars on Halloween and its activities. More than 42 million children will go house to house in costumes for treats. Driving it all is a faith community that has embraced this event  each year by the millions while pretending to be outraged by what it celebrates.

It is time for us to own up to our hidden enthusiasm for this day and use it to tell the story of good and evil.

I have a fictional 13-year-old friend Harry Moon, who lives in a town where every day is Halloween. Harry and his family must, in the course of daily life, interact in a community and culture that has made Halloween a 365 day-a-year occurrence – Sleepy Hollow, Where every day is Halloween night. The young magician, Harry, embraces a life of purpose and the deep magic based on the motto of “Do No Evil.”  The Moon family quietly lives out their faith in Sleepy Hollow while Harry grows wiser and stronger in his resolve to stand against evil.

I love this guy. I love the opportunity to climb inside of the Halloween story with Harry and contribute to its narrative. All of us live in a “Sleepy Hollow” of sorts every day. His story is my story, and it’s my son’s story in middle school fighting bullies, and it’s my youngest daughter’s story pushing back on playground cliques. I love the fact that this kid doesn’t cut and run but battles it out in one boy’s heroic attempt to turn back evil with good.

And I mostly love, in a world where prayer in public classrooms has been tossed aside, that we have been given the gift of Halloween each and every year to embrace and tell our story about how one navigates inside of a dark world. The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon should be in every home in America.

I am a new fan of Halloween.


Shawn Kuhn spends his life working with some of the world’s best known storytellers. A former Young Life leader, he currently is an author coach and a creative strategist with The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon. He is bald.





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Shawn Kuhn spends his life working with some of the world's best known storytellers. A former Young Life leader, he currently is an author coach and a creative strategist with "The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon". He is bald.