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If you are in kids ministry, I know you like free stuff, and since the Winter Olympics are about to begin, what is better than free kids ministry curriculum with an Olympic theme?

This 2 week curriculum series has lots and lots of great material to bring some Olympic excitement to your kids ministry.  After downloading, read the instruction page first, and you will know what files go with what week.


Hope you enjoy!  I’d love to hear how you used the material, and feel free to let me know if you have suggestions for the next one!


For one week you will find:

  • XTreme Wrestling lesson
  • Memory verse card
  • Memory verse game
  • FamilyTalk take home devotion guide
  • Set of group games (game instructions 2)
  • Score sheets for games
  • Overall morning main point: Persist in prayer.
  • Story of Jacob wrestling all night with God

For the second week you will find:

  • World’s Strongest Man lesson
  • Memory verse card (same file as above)
  • Memory verse game (same file as above)
  • Samson illustration (object lesson)
  • Set of group games (track and field)
  • Score sheets for games
  • Overall morning main point: God is our strength
  • Story of strong man Samson

Download Free kids ministry curriculum

If these lessons sound good, feel free to download them and use them!

Download 2 free Olympic lessons here

I would appreciate knowing if you do download, and even more would like to know what you think when you use it. You should also check out my Messages from Monsters series, which is based on Monster Inc from Disney.

Post a comment to let me know what you think!


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