Five Ways Creative Media Makes VBS SHINE!

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For most of us, VBS is usually our biggest “kid-centric” outreach of the year! More than anything else we do, VBS helps us to focus on welcoming the kids around us into our churches and our lives—especially kids who haven’t grown up in church or been exposed to the good news about Jesus!


For many kids, VBS is their first exposure to what “church” and Jesus are all about. That’s the reason we want to be sure that the media we use makes our VBS SHINE!


Here are five things to remember about media:


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• Kids already watch, make and post videos on YouTube and similar sites. High production value is something they already inherently understand and appreciate.

• Kids who see and interact with media that’s engaging have little problem with boredom and distraction.

• Kids respond to humor they can understand. Laughter sharpens their memories—so laughing in the right places helps them to remember the point!

• Kids (especially new kids) understand the big picture of God’s love for them and His plan for them when funny stuff is skillfully combined with a clear and engaging message in media.

• Kids respond and interact with their whole bodies to audio media—they watch, listen, move and sing along! Music can do much more for kids than merely provide fun movements, catchy hooks or familiar songs: Music can become another powerful tool for understanding when the music kids interact with is written specifically to reinforce the messages they hear in the videos and from their leaders. When kids’ whole selves are responding to the same clear messages, they are primed to understand the big truth that GP4U=JESUS!


And even beyond music that’s fun, engaging and a great tool for understanding, SonSpark Lab’s music also helps kids memorize Bible verses they need know—a win-win for both understanding and Bible memory!


So when we consider not only kids’ felt needs (engaging media, lots of fun, etc.) but also their real needs (to meet Jesus, join God’s family and learn His Word), it becomes clear that we want to send the clearest messages in as many ways as we can—because when it’s all said and done, seeing kids understand God’s love for them and join His family is what makes VBS SHINE!


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Donna, a pastor’s daughter at heart, left the world of big-budget fashion and world travel to serve Children’s Ministry leaders as Gospel Light’s Publishing Director. Her passion for Jesus and the next generation are foundational to all she does. Her perspectives stem from a unique mix of business knowledge and a deep study Jesus’ leadership example. She’s a wife, a sports mom and the volunteer Children’s Ministry Coordinator at her church in Newbury Park, CA. She loves kids and is passionate about helping you be successful in drawing kids to Jesus and leading them in a growing, life-long relationship with Him. Donna can be reached at: donna.lucas@gospellight.com