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I got to spend some time at The Gathering in Costa Mesa. As always, it was great, and a highlight for me was getting to go to a breakout led by Craig Jutila. One of Craig’s themes was living a balanced life in ministry, and for me it was both inspiring and convicting. It was convicting because I was reminded how intentional I need to be as a parent to create healthy boundaries and create good faith practices in my home.

One of the things I’ve been doing since Titus was born is praying with him in the morning after Dana goes to work. However, I realized that I don’t do a good enough job of modeling the importance of spending time in scripture for him. In all honesty, that’s always been the spiritual discipline I’ve struggle with most, and it’s something I want to improve in so that I can actually show my son that God’s word changes us.

For us, creating a rhythm of prayer and scripture means pausing to read a chapter and pray as soon as Dana leaves for work. It also means putting off breakfast, shower, news, etc. until prayer and scripture has happened. As Michael Hyatt observed, it often takes at least 21 days to build a habit. In order to create a valuable rhythm, we need to simply push away the distractions until it becomes the norm.

Godly rhythms are vital for every follower of Jesus, but they have a unique importance for those of us who work in the church. Without them, we run the risk of seeing our ministry progress thwarted by a weakened faith and unhealthy family. We should be ministering out what God is actually doing in our homes, and the only way to make that a reality is to build the routines that lead to a healthy, balanced and authentic life. This is how I’m working on it, and I’d love your thoughts on creating healthy rhythms at home and in ministry. Please pass them on!

Also, here’s a link to Craig Jutila’s notes from his breakout group. Some good stuff here!





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