Faith Classes are a Valuable Part of Early Childhood Ministry

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Have you heard about new Frolic products from sparkhouse? Frolic is a family of resources for young children (birth -3) and their caregivers at church and at home.



The Frolic family of resources includes books, Bibles, Faith Classes, a nursery guide, and more. All resources are based on the five domains of child development and incorporate faith formation—in an appropriate, and relevant way—at every step:

  • Cognitive development
  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Social development
  • Language development


The Frolic First Bible, and Frolic board and picture books, designed specifically for infants and toddlers, are the foundation for Frolic Faith Classes. Twenty Bible stories are told through simple text and charming illustrations. The board and picture books present stories featuring animals experiencing the developmental challenges and delights of early childhood.



How to lead Frolic Faith Classes in your church


Churches can choose from two class types: Bible Story and Theme. Congregations have the flexibility to schedule classes that best meet their goals.


Start with the Bible Story Classes if you want to emphasize scripture. Each Bible Story class focuses on one of the stories in the Frolic First Bible.


Or, plan Theme classes to support parents who want to talk about child development themes like patience, sharing, and making new friends.



Here are three reasons Frolic Faith Classes are a valuable part of early childhood ministry:


  1. Give parents an easy way to fit faith into busy schedules


Parents are used to parent-child classes and events to build infant and toddler skills related to health, music, and movement.


Scheduling a church class at a specific time and place is a good way to reach parents, help them fit faith into their busy schedules, and give them an opportunity to spend quality time with their child.



  1. Give parents tools to talk about faith and build confidence


Parents may feel ashamed or guilty that they don’t know ‘enough’ about faith, religion, or the Bible. They may think, “How can I teach my child if I don’t know where to start?”


Beginning with Frolic Faith Classes—parents and kids sitting on the floor, playing with toys, and telling stories—is an easy, approachable, and powerful way to reach parents and to help them start a conversation with their kids about faith.


In this comfortable setting they’ll learn to weave faith into everyday activities and routine in a way that’s doable, realistic, and builds confidence.



  1. Provide community, a place to connect, and a support system for new parents


Frolic Faith Classes are a great way to reach out to parents who are just returning to church.


With an invitation to Frolic Faith Classes, parents will meet and connect with others facing the same challenges and questions they have about parenthood.



Frolic can support your nursery ministry


In addition to Faith Classes, an annual subscription to Frolic Online includes articles, checklists, and custom Enewsletters to engage and build relationships with parents in your groups and congregation. Frolic-themed Nursery Cards, Music CDs, and Posters are also available for purchase.


If you’re interested in starting a Frolic ministry for infants and toddlers in your church, click to download free samples:
Or, subscribe to Frolic Online here:









About the Author

Dawn Rundman holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and is the Director of Congregational Development at Sparkhouse, a publisher of faith formation resources that spark new life in Christian communities. At Sparkhouse, Dawn develops Sunday school curricula, Bibles, and children’s books. As a teacher and consultant, Dawn speaks at churches and events about creating a put-the-child-first culture in churches through physical space design, leader training, and curriculum. She lives in the Twin Cities with her prom date/husband Jonathan and their two children.