Facebook’s Dirty Little Secret (And How To Get Around It)

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Has this ever happened to you? You find the Facebook page of a ministry, band, or business and “Like” it. For the next few weeks, you see their posts, comment, “like,” and share. All is well. Then, a few weeks after that, you realize that you haven’t seen their posts in a while.


You go directly to the page and realize that they have indeed been posting. Why haven’t their posts been showing up on your Timeline?

Short answer: Facebook chooses what you get to see.

Slightly longer answer: Facebook has a fancy formula they use to determine what they think you want to see. That formula almost always shows you what pages (and people) you have recently “Liked” (or “Friended”). Over time, as you like other pages, the older ones start to be shown less frequently.

I have read quite a bit about this, and while no one knows the exact formula, several researchers have determined that Facebook only shows the posts from a page to about 15% of the people who Like that page.

Thankfully, there is a way around it. (And it’s super simple.)


I’ll use my Facebook Page for this example – so feel free to open it now – but it will work with any page. (Of course, if you haven’t “Liked” my page, you’ll make my day if you do. Smile)

Step 1: Find a page and “Like” it.

Facebook Feed Process - 1

While that’s the first step, most people make the mistake of stopping here. In that case, the scenario described in the first paragraph will begin. To avoid the “drop off” all you have to do is…

Step 2: Click “Liked” and then make sure “Show in News Feed” is checked.

Facebook Feed Process - 2

This will make sure that whenever I – or whomever you have “Liked” – posts something, it will show up in your news feed.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I frequently go quite a while without sitting down and pouring over my News Feed. There are some Pages– and People and Groups– that I want to make sure I never miss anything. In those cases, there is one final step.

Step 3: Click “Liked” and make sure “Get Notifications” is checked.

Once you do that, you will never miss anything.

Facebook Feed Process - 3Anytime a Page – or Person or Groups – posts something, you will see a little red notification at the very top right between “Messages” and “Home.” It’ll look like this:

NOTE: If you’re doing this with one of your “Friends” (instead of a Page) right below “Show in News Feed” you will see an option to mark someone as “Close Friends.” That will put them in your News Feed as well.

Question: What is a Facebook Trick you use to make it more useful, easy…or fun?





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