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In the first post I talked about why we use Facebook Pages for our children’s and student ministries and shared some things we do with it. Here are the rest of the ways we leverage Facebook for ministry.

Create Events

Occasionally we’ll create an event on Facebook within our page to promote a children’s or student event. Typically this is done with larger events, and especially those geared towards inviting friends. We don’t show the guest list or use it to actually manage RSVPs. It’s just another method of promotion.

Schedule Updates

Facebook allows you to schedule updates, which is a great feature. We schedule updates for all the things I mentioned in the previous post (promote events, resources, remind parents, etc.).

Change Banner Image Monthly

Particularly in Elementary we like to change the banner image to whatever the 252 Basics primary theme image is for the month. It’s a simple way to draw attention to the page, as the update shows up in everyone’s feed.

Share Helpful Content

We like to share content that’s helpful to parents as well. Most of it comes from the Orange Parents Blog, but it’s easy to reference a post from anywhere and help parents see it easily. It’s great when parents comment on a post and a discussion takes place.

Our Facebook pages and use of them is far from perfect. We continue to try to improve the consistency and quality of what we do on Facebook.

How do you use Facebook for ministry?





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Nick serves as the Children and Student Team Leader at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, MD. He and his amazing wife Jennifer have one son named Isaac. Nick is all about serving churches to help them reach their full potential.