Engage New Parents in Your Congregation

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Looking for a great way to start or enhance your childhood ministry and engage new parents in your congregation?


Frolic faith classes are a series of parent/child sessions that are fun, easy to lead, and faith-based.
“The first three years are critical for human development which means they can be foundational for faith development as well. And that’s exactly why sparkhouse created Frolic for both church and home.” -Dawn Rundman, PhD., Lead Frolic Developer


Staying connected with parents is tough these days. They’re really busy, communication is hard, and they don’t always know how to integrate faith concepts into daily life and all they’re teaching their little ones.


  1. Give parents age-specific tips and articles

Frolic Enewsletters go out based on the exact age of a child. They’re a snap to setup and include tips on child development and faith formation and ways to make the most of – and get through – each age, stage, and phase.


  1. Create a welcoming church nursery
    The Frolic Nursery Guide has articles and handouts with practical strategies to turn your nursery into an intentional ministry site.


  1. Teach relevant faith concepts at the right time

Frolic theme classes are based on childhood development themes like patience, prayer, and making new friends. Classes help parents learn how to talk about faith and go hand-in-hand with all of the things kids naturally learn and do as they go from newborns to toddlers.


Click to see the Frolic family of resources and to learn more about how you can teach kids 0-3 about God.


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