Effective Goal Planning, Ask These 5 Questions

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At the time of this blog post going live, we are getting ready to enter 2015 in just one day. Goal setting is just a natural part of the thinking at this time but it should be an active part of our daily lives throughout the year.

I have 5 questions for each of us to think through as we set new goals that will help us make the goals and not just crowd up calendars with great ideas, journals with lofty thoughts, but a plan that if we work through these 5 questions with will help us to achieve results.

1. What is the specific work or effort required to achieve your goal?

2. What resources or dependencies do you need to help you succeed?

3. What is your action plan to achieve this goal?

4. What time investment is actually required? What should your schedule look like to support achieving this goal? (Can you really be a world champion bull rider if you only practice 5 minutes a day?)

5. What obstacles will you face and how will you respond?

As you can see, if you answer fully these questions, this process is incredibly revealing as to what it takes to achieve your goals.





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