Easy Ways to Be More Creative in your Ministry

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Be bold and try something new! We all tend to stay in our “comfort zone,” but children crave and love variety! Surprise them with a balloon twist object lesson. Teach the new motion song in blacklight with fluorescent gloves. Use a puppet video to clarify the meaning of a “Bible word” the children may have trouble understanding.


Involve the children… make them participants and not just observers. Act out the Bible lesson with impromptu dramatics. Let them lip synch a fun song with mop-top wigs and foam guitars. Use an “Evangecube” and let the children explain salvation with the folding picture/cube.


Invest in training resources and develop new personal ministry skills. There are lots of videos and books available which can open up new ministry techniques to share God’s truths in new and exciting ways. Puppet ministry isn’t rocket science. Children love puppets; both using them and watching them. Dowel rods from a home supply store can become tools for dramatic interpretation of worship songs. Objects from your home, your garage, or a dollar store can become powerful “object lessons” sharing messages children will enjoy and remember.


Attend a creative ministry workshop or training event. Many weekend training events are offered regionally throughout the year.  A four-day conference called MAX, which stands for Ministry Arts Xtra, could literally change your ministry and give you encouragement and confidence to add more creativity to your ministry.


Find out more about creative ministry tools and techniques at For a Discount Coupon to MAX (Ministry Arts Xtra) or a Free Registration to a regional Creative Ministry Festival, please visit





About the Author

Dale VonSeggen received his BA in mathematics from Olivet Nazarene University and his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University. He taught in the public schools of Illinois and Michigan for 13 years and served as children’s pastor at Denver First Church of the Nazarene in Denver, Colorado for 9 years.