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I am not big on making guarantees. And making a guarantee when it comes to the Bible is quite a risk (and possibly not the most theologically sound practice). That said…I’m going to do it anyway.

My guarantee: By May 1st, you will feel differently about the Bible (in all the good ways) than you ever have before.

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Give me four months. That’s all I am asking. I guarantee you will understand – and enjoy – the Bible more than ever.

I make this guarantee because…

  • …I took the same challenge the first four months of 2010 (and every January-April since) after reading about it in this article by Ron Frost. It has changed the way I view the Bible.
  • …each of the last four years I have sat face-to-face with 5-10 people and watched the change happen for every one of them right before my eyes.
  • …I had several of you email me about the positive change that occurred when you participated in Bible Read Thru 2013.
  • …this year, I am going to walk beside YOU every step of the way.

I am so excited about the changes for the Bible Read Thru 2014, I recorded a short video telling you all about it. Take a few minutes to watch it and then you’ll find all the links – including your free eBook! – below the video:

In case you’re a “video skipper” (you know who you are), here is what I covered in the video:

First…the 3 Parameters of a Bible Read Thru

  1. Read the Whole Bible in 4 Months. – This may sound like a lot, but it boils down to about 40-50 minutes a day. More than you’re doing now? Possibly. Unattainable? Not at all. Worth it? Without a doubt! (NOTE: I’ll email people who sign up with more details on the “what” and “how” of this. Remember…I promised to walk with you through the whole journey.)
  2. Read with a Pen in Your Hand. – You’ll want to jot down the conversations you have with God as you read. This can be in your Bible, in a journal, or using a note-taking app. My favorite is OneNote. Other people swear by Evernote. (Both are free. Love that.)
  3. Talk About It. – This is not optional! You need the accountability. You will have more fun. You will learn and grow more than you could ever do on your own. (In case you’re interested, I did an entire podcast episode on this very topic. You can check it out here.)

You MUST fill out this form!

I recognize that not every one of my blog readers or email subscribers is interested – or able – to participate (for a whole host of reasons). Since Bible Read Thru 2014 is going to be highly interactive, the last thing I want to do is send everything to everybody. Can you say “spammer?”

Filling out this form will take less than 30 seconds and will ensure that I have your best email address and I’m only sending the info to people who want it!

Yes…I’m in! Sign me up for Bible Read Thur 2014!

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook GroupThis is the part I’m most excited about! Once you let me know that you’re jumping on board, you can click here and request to join the group (via the “Join Group” button in the upper-right corner of the Facebook Group Page).

This will give us the opportunity to share on a more regular basis, wherever we are in the world. I will likely be posting, replying, engaging almost every day, but I will commit to at least four days each week.

I can also upload resources (including the Chronological Reading Plan…and some other goodies that will show up along the way), record videos, as some survey questions, and share some encouraging tips with the whole group at once.

Join the Private Facebook Group!

Monthly Conference Calls

Once a month, I will schedule a conference call where I can hear what you are learning, answer questions, find out what you are enjoying, struggling with, etc.

I am waiting to set up all the details because there are many options when it comes to conference calls (video, audio, number of participants, recording, etc.). Different solutions are better or worse depending on how many people are participating.

Once I know how many people are interested, I will make sure to pick the right solution to make it the best experience for you.

Free eBook (Chronological Reading Plan)

You may or may not know this, but the Bible is not written in chronological order. In general, it is, but not entirely. Some events are told a few times. Others only once. Some books cover a long amount of time. Others are a deeper dive into a shorter amount.

Reading the Bible in the order the events actually occurred is super helpful.

Chonological Plan eBook - 3DI have put together this short eBook outlining every chapter in the Bible chronologically. You will find a deeper overview of this process in the opening pages.

For me, it’s helpful to simply print the two pages with the chapter breakdowns and tuck it in my Bible. Feel free to print it, copy it…or ignore it. :)

Click here (or click the picture) to download your copy!

So…What are you waiting for?

Step 1: Let me know you’re on board (click here).

Step 2: Join the Private Facebook Group. (click here)

Step 3: Download your free Chronological Reading Plan. (click here)

Step 4: Invite a friend by Tweeting this or sharing on Facebook!





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