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You may not think of yourself as a much of a DJ, you probably don’t have big headphones and a turntable but you can DJ your Kidmin.

A rough description of a DJ in our current musical culture, is to take a bunch of songs and play them in a certain order to keep a crowd of people dancing. But the important thing to note is that remixing is huge in the dance music world. Taking one song and changing the tempo (speed), style and instrumentation in infinite ways. Thereby maximising that one piece of content.

As a Kids Pastor/Leader, you put your heart and soul into what you create for your weekend services or mid week events or camps, and often that hard work disappears into obscurity the moment it is finished. Think of ways that you can remix what you’ve done. Why not take that piece of content that sometimes represents hours of labour and give it new life out in the world!

Recently in Hillsong Kids at our annual Hillsong Conference we created a series called “iPromise” for the children that would be attending. Now, that’s great and I hope those kids were blessed by the content, but now that content existed, I was inspired to release it out into the world so we could potentially see not just thousands of kids but tens of thousands of kids all over the world impacted by it (You can find out more info at

So without much effort and extra work (except promotional) we have given that content new life all over the world.

You may not be in a similar position to do this, but within your ministry there ARE wins you can have that will create great momentum in your work. If you build it… they may not come, unless you break through the noise that your families and community are faced with.

Here’s some examples you could run with:

1. Interview a family in your Church on video about a topic close to the heart of your church (2 minutes max, please… short and sweet). Promote that on any social media account you can. But it doesn’t stop there. Take a screenshot with a quote from the video written on the image and post that to Pinterest, Instagram and attach to the bottom of your emails. You could post a quote from the video to Twitter, make an animated gif and post to tumblr. All valuable pieces of content (it’s important that it’s valuable or it can’t be ‘spammy’) pointing back to the original piece of content… the video!

A realistic goal might be to see at least 50% of your families follow you on at least one social media outlet.

2. Record a memory verse song that your kids are learning and do the same as the above example except post the audio to soundcloud as well, get it on your churches podcast (if you have a feed) and even make a ringtone available to your Church (all ideas that can be done free/cheaply with the right people.

Remember, and this is important. Social media is a place to natively tell stories, not a clearinghouse for the promotion of your next event. Respect the context of each social network, what are people looking for, what will help them connect with your church?

I know I have focussed on social media in this article, but there are plenty of other way you can #DJYourKidmin





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