December 22 {Simple Sunday}

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i’m in full on christmas cheer mode. people, seriously. christmas is only a month away. + 14 days.

last week, i posted about how we’re planning christmas for the kiddos at willow chicago. we’re going all out. but, in addition to all the fun, games, lights, parties, and bible stories we’re planning, we’ll also be including a what’s in the bible? christmas video for the lesson on december 22.

a. because the christmas content in this episode is fantastic, and unique, and super geared towards elementary age kids who’ve heard the biblical account of christmas a few hundred times, and are ready to up their understanding of the christmas context.

b. because we’d like to do something a bit simpler on the sunday that falls just 3 days before christmas for our volunteers, kids, and {ahem} ourselves. no shame in this game. we’ll show the video alongside special christmas snacks and a team time game afterwards.

c. this companion resource is a meaningful way to encourage faith at home during the holiday season. what does that have anything to do with december 22? nothing. while editing this post, i remembered how amazing this resource was and had to include! besides, a list with just an “a” and “b” is silly. {bonus! download the first chapter here!}

so, there it is. simple sunday. christmas magic. joy to the world, indeed.

PS: full disclosure — this post includes affiliate links. that means if you click the links and make a purchase, i make a percentage of the sale. i’d like to call that a win + win. cheers! 





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