D6 2nd Generation Curriculum

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What is D6? from D6 on Vimeo.

Randall House, recognized as a leading voice in family ministry, has produced D6 curriculum for the past ten years and presented the groundbreaking D6 Conference for six years. Along the way, we have learned even more about this foundational biblical principle and how to more effectively equip the church and parents to train the next generation to love God and His Word. D6 2nd Generation curriculum is the natural outgrowth of this process. The most significant differences in D6 2nd Generation curriculum will be the structure of the 13 weeks of the quarter and the increased emphasis on biblical worldview. Each quarter of D6 2nd Generation will be divided into three units with each unit being comprised of a 4 or 5 week Bible study. Each quarter will include a unit from the Old Testament and a unit from the New Testament, both of which will advance relatively chronologically through the Scripture to help students grasp the progression of the story of the Bible. Each quarter will also include a topical study on a key subject related to the Christian faith and contemporary culture. The topical studies will address a variety of subjects including apologetics, marriage & family, gender & sexuality, difficult questions, and other practical issues of everyday life. D6 2nd Generation will maintain the “every age on the same page” approach while still telling the story of the Bible in a six-year scope and sequence to promote biblical literacy. D6 2nd Generation curriculum will add a couple of new products. The elementary curriculum will be divided to a two-year age span. Adventure Kids targets students in kindergarten and first grade. Discovery Kids is a new product for second and third graders. Explorers Guide is designed for fourth and fifth grade students. Still, the unique design of D6 2nd Generation curriculum will allow teachers to use one teaching guide even if there is a combination of ages in the class. We are also expanding the Fusion line of curriculum for adults by adding FusionNext, a devotional magazine for adults that do not have children in the home. In turn, Fusion will sharpen its focus on parents with children at home. Besides new products and features, D6 2nd Generation curriculum will have a fresh and exciting new look. All these changes have the same goal: to help parents and church leaders fulfill their God-ordained responsibilities of teaching the next generation to love God, love His Word, and teach their children to do the same.