Cottonmouth: A Trilogy Your Kids – and You! – Will Love

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What would you have if you combined the creative artistry of Where the Wild Things Are with the life-changing themes of redemption, the Holy Spirit, sin, forgiveness, loss, calling, and the faithfulness of Jesus?

You would have the Cottonmouth Trilogy by C.S. Fritz.

The Cottonmouth Trilogy is truly a unique series.

Below is the video of my interview with C.S. Fritz. He’s an artist, author, pastor, husband, and father (to name a few). During the video, you’ll hear about his background, his art, his ministry today, how this series went from a concept to a trilogy, and his hope for each book. The last three minutes are my thoughts.

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Take a look…and listen…

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 Cottonmouth and the RiverCottonmouth and the Great GiftCottonmouth and the End 

For those of you who just want the highlights…

  • It’s for kids between 8-12, but you will love it too.
  • The art is unique and beautiful. The story is equally compelling.
  • Each book is short enough to read in one sitting. It’s also long enough to not leave you feeling like you only skimmed the surface.
  • C.S. Fritz isn’t afraid to deal with issues we don’t often discuss with kids (even though we should). You know the ones: sin, consequences, redemption, sacrifice, loss, forgiveness, healing…
  • Each book will make you want to read the next. It will make you think. And it will make for a fantastic discussion.

And the verdict is…

If you love beautiful artwork and compelling stories – get the Cottonmouth Trilogy. Your kids – and you! – will love it.





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