Connecting With Kids Through Relationships

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This is the second of a series on how we can CONNECT with kids in our ministries.

The “C” is Clarify the Goal.

The second way we CONNECT with kids is:

O…Offer Relationships.

Ministry happens best through relationships…period.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to offer relationships with kids in order to CONNECT with them.

This takes time. This takes effort. This takes commitment.

But without relationships, there is little impact.

A few practical suggestions on offering relationships to kids:

  • Learn their name. The sweetest sound to any of us is the sound of our own name. When they know that you know their name, they will begin to know that you care about them.
  • Learn who they are. What is their personality like? What are their interests? Who are their brothers and sisters? Parents? What school do they go to? Get to know them just like you would another adult that you are befriending.
  • Have fun with them. There is no better time to CONNECT with a child than when they are laughing and having fun!
  • Be real with them. Kids know fake. You don’t have to tell them your life story (please don’t…they are not interested and some of it may not be appropriate!), but be real with them. You’re not perfect and they know it…so don’t pretend to be.
  • Let them see your faith. Learning to share your testimony and talk about faith in a kid-friendly way helps you begin to CONNECT with them in spiritual ways, so learn to speak their language spiritually.

Ministry happens best through relationships. So offer relationships to the kids you are trying to CONNECT with.






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