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This is the seventh of a series on how we can CONNECT with kids in our ministries.

The “C” is Clarify the Goal.

The “O” is Offer Relationships.

The “N” is Never let the situation mean more than the relationship.

The second “N” is Never let the relationship mean more than God’s truth.

The “E” is Examine yourself in light of God’s Word.

The “C” is Consider the example of Jesus when CONNECTing with kids.



When I served as Children’s Pastor for John Maxwell, he would constantly tell us that he mentally put a “10″ on everyone’s forehead when he connected with them.  He did this so that, in his mind, his expectations would be high. He also did this so that his attitude and treatment of them would be worthy of a “10″.  What he found is that most people would rise to the occasion and respond accordingly.

I have found that kids, too, rise to the level of expectations.  No, they won’t be perfect – they are not small adults!  Kids will still be kids. But when I put a mental “10″ on them, expecting them to act appropriately and giving them the respect I would anyone else, they usually respond.  When this happens, it opens the doors to CONNECT.

As leaders, one of our greatest responsibilities is to CONNECT. These are some ways that I have found important in my efforts to CONNECT.  By the way…most of these ideas work very will with adults, too!

How about you – how do you CONNECT with kids?






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