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if it is not in you, you can’t give it to the children

Discipleship: releasing what is in you to those around you

Question: Are you serving God, or are you serving the concepts of God?

There is a difference–we can get so caught up in what we are doing that we lose track of God and focus on doing the things of God.

When God uses us, we can become prideful and think it is about us. It is never about us, it is about God choosing to use us. The minute we start thinking it is about us is the moment our focus shifts from God to the things of God.

God’s question to us: Are you done trying to do it in your own strength?

Joab–nephew of King David

To know the heart of the king means you need to be close to the king.

Joab had his own agenda. He was doing things on his own, not the things he should have been doing for King David.

Joab lost his heart for the king.

When we shift our focus to our self instead of God, we lose our heart for the king.

When you are passionate about your ministry, you will do whatever it takes.

When you take your eyes off of the king, you become ineffective

In order to release what is in you to those around you, remember these 3 things:

  • serve God, not the church

you don’t just do a job, you serve God

do not do ministry and treat it like a job

You cannot release leaders if you treat what you do as simply a job. It is so much more than a job.

  • Trust fully in God and his grace for your life

God will call you to do something that will match your purpose

  • be secure enough to know you will someday be replaced

Andy Kirk along with his wife Christie have been in full time Children’s Ministry for the last 10 years. They have two children, Ryan & Cooper and are passionate about empowering and equipping leaders to reach Children. Andy is the National Director for Kids R Us in Australia. He will inspire you to think outside the usual parameters and inspire innovative thinking.





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