Christmas is for Us, Too

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December. The month of twinkly lights and hot cocoa, Christmas parties and neatly wrapped gifts. And also, December is the month of STRESS and short tempers and messy houses.

I asked my husband if he knew of a housekeeping service that cleaned houses only during December. Because of our schedules, my house is a disaster with no current plans for a good cleaning.

Working in the church during the month of december is a joy. And, PURE crazy. church-event-church-event-church-event. Pastoring, pastoring, pastoring. so much need. With little margin for error, and even less margin to breathe. No room to take notice that Christmas is for US, too.

Christmas is for pastors and children’s ministry leaders, too. Of course, our ministry is to serve. And during December, there’s a lot of serving to be done. But, in the midst of our serving, leading, pastoring, we have got to notice that Christ the Divine Child has come for us, too.

Christmas is not about crazy. It’s just the opposite. Jesus, a child, came to the world to bring peace and light, and a break from the crazy we’ve known. He came to free our souls and give new life.

Pastoring and leading in December is not just about giving endlessly to others. It’s also about reflecting on the divine magic and mysteries of the season. It’s about receiving the words of hope for ourselves as we offer hope to others. It’s about allowing the choir’s songs to inspire our spirits as we expect the songs to inspire the congregation’s spirits. Christmas is about renewing our simple faith as we teach simple lessons to the children in our churches.

Be open. Someone might just minister to you this season. WHAT.

This Christmas, of course, serve the people of your church with great zeal and commitment. But, don’t forget to pause a few times and receive the blessing of the Christ Child.

Today, trying to be gracious and kind to myself — Christmas is for me, too. 





About the Author

Amy Dolan is founder, leader and blogger for Lemon Lime Kids, a children’s ministry consulting company that seeks to encourage churches to consider a fresh approach to leading and teaching children. Amy started the company in 2005, as a way to empower and encourage fellow children’s ministry leaders, and since that first day has had the opportunity to work with leaders & organizations committed to the spiritual growth of children. Amy believes that the church fully empowered, combined with the commitment of the family, and the compassion of the community has the power to inspire children’s faith for a lifetime. In addition to her consulting work with Lemon Lime Kids, Amy leads the strategic curriculum development for Phil Vischer’s new curriculum What’s in the Bible? (, and serves as Director of LOCAL, a Chicago-area children’s ministry collaborative ( Amy is the former Executive Director for Children’s Ministry at the Willow Creek Association, a former Children’s Ministry Director at The Chapel in Libertyville, IL and a Curriculum Writer for Promiseland at Willow Creek in South Barrington. Amy is proud to be married to her husband Kelly, and loves living in Chicago. Amy blogs at and tweets at @adolan.