Children’s Skit about Resisting Temptation from Others

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Children live in a world in which they face temptation every day, including from their friends. Kids need to know that they can resist temptation from others! Here is a skit to help you teach this important lesson to children.

Part 1:

(Sam and Jake walks in, while Hillary goes to the front, lays down, and starts sleeping)


Sam: That was so much fun! We should have pizza parties for Alex more often!

(Both see Hillary sleeping, with her small piggy bank in her hand)

Sam: Hey… look at that! I think Hillary has some money! I think you should take it so we can go spend it.

Jake: I don’t know about that…

Sam: Come on, it’ll be fine!

Jake: Wouldn’t that be stealing?

Sam: No, its ok! Just go ahead and take it. We could really use the money.

(Jake slowly goes over, then takes the piggy bank while Hillary is still sleeping)

Sam: (whispers) See, that wasn’t so bad! Let’s go!

(both of them walk out of the room)

(then Hillary wakes up confused and starts looking around desperately)

Hillary: Where did my piggy bank go? Where is it?!?! (walks out of room to go find it)

Part 2:

(Jake and Hillary walk in)

Jake: Hey, here is your piggy bank and money back. I’m sorry we stole it from you earlier. I really shouldn’t have taken it from you.

Hillary: Why did you take it?

Jake: My friend kept telling me to take it, and I thought it would be fun to spend the money, so I stole it. It was my fault though, because I shouldn’t have listened to him. What I did was wrong. I asked God for forgiveness, and want to ask for forgiveness from you too.

Hillary: I forgive you. You are right, God said in Exodus 20:15, “You shall not steal.”

Jake: I want to obey God by not stealing. Thank you for forgiving me!

Hillary: No problem. Let’s go catch up with everyone else. I think they just started playing kickball!

(both of them walk off stage)





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