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The Reason For The Season

At Fellowship Church we believe it’s important to teach children about why we celebrate Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas because of the presents or the lights, we celebrate because of Jesus. Christmastime is an opportune time for us, as children’s ministers, to teach children about Christ’s life. Why? Because Christmas is one of two times (the other being Easter) when people who normally don’t attend church are more willing to come. This time of year is crucial in ministry because we have the opportunity to reach children who may have never been to church before, or children who haven’t been to church since Easter. Each Christmas in FC Kids we teach children age three through fifth grade about Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection. How do we do this? We teach children these lessons through the Elevate series, Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders.

Reusing Lessons

Yes, I know this series is eight lessons long, but in FC Kids we only do two or three lessons each year. This allows us to use Christmas Shop of Wonders for multiple years without repeating lessons. We begin our Christmas series the weekend after Thanksgiving and do a lesson each week until the weekend before Christmas. At Fellowship Church, once we’ve gone through all eight lessons over multiple years, we go back and repeat the lessons again. By that time, it’s been two or three years since the children have seen that particular lesson. God’s Word is timeless and because Elevate is a Bible based curriculum, each Elevate series is also timeless.

New Games And Songs

We’ve been using Christmas Shop of Wonders at Fellowship Church since it was first released and the kids still love it. I believe they are intrigued year after year because we change our presentation of the curriculum. Each year we use our creativity to expound on this Christmas series by incorporating new elements. We play new opening games like “Snowball Fight” where the kids get to have a snowball fight with crumpled pieces of paper. We also sing new songs each Christmas, and this year we plan to use the music from our new album, Christmas Glow, during our worship time.

Theme The Decor

Oftentimes as we celebrate Christmas, we will decorate our children’s environments differently as well. There are so many ideas, just on Pinterest, that you can have a new theme each year. A couple years ago here in FC Kids, we were in the Elevate series Upsidedown Town right before Christmas, so we added some white and pink trees to the set and created an Upsidedown Town Christmas theme. We change how we present the lesson so that it provides an environment where the kids feel like they are experiencing something totally new, but with the same timeless Bible Lessons.

So I encourage you to be creative this Christmas, and brainstorm with your team, because you can continue using Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders in your children’s ministry by adding new elements each year. Trust me, the kids in your ministry (and your budget) will thank you for it.





About the Author

Mike Johnson has been the Global Children’s Pastor of Fellowship Church since 1993. In that time, he has seen FC Kids grow from 150 to over 4,000 children at 9 Fellowship Church campuses in Florida, Texas, and South Carolina. Mike has a passion to reach children with the love of Christ and to teach them how to apply the principles of the Bible to become the leaders that God designed them to be. In addition to his responsibilities as a Children’s Pastor, Mike Johnson is the Executive Producer of Elevate resources on and Mike has a Masters degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary as well as a Masters degree in Christian Education with a Children’s emphasis. In his spare time, Mike enjoys sculpting, carpentry, movies and most of all, spending time with his family.