Careers at KidzMatter

Working here at KidzMatter is pretty legit. We partner with churches to make an eternal impact in the lives of kids, and each and every one of our employees get to be a part of that vision. The marvel of KidzMatter Inc. is that every day we have the opportunity, on a global scale, to shape the way people think about children’s ministry.

KidzMatter Inc. is located in Marion, Indiana in a super-awesome office space. It’s basically the best place to work ever, in our opinions. True, we don’t have a professional in-house chef like Google or a giant spaceship office like Apple. But there are a lot of really great reasons to work here that we’ll talk about in a bit. Better yet, we’re part of the Awana family, which puts a wealth of resources right at your fingertips. Working here gives you the potential to impact a ministry that reaches millions of kids across the globe every year.


Yes, there are benefits.

There are lots of super fantastic reasons to work here. First and foremost, we love serving those who serve kids in the church. Every day you’ll have an opportunity to touch the lives of children, parents, and volunteers you may never meet or even speak to. We have an opportunity to make a lasting impact for the Kingdom. At KidzMatter, you’ll find an environment where we support one another in prayer and share our praises and struggles together. We’re passionate about keeping Christ center. We think that’s a really great benefit, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

Second, we like to have fun. A lot of it. Chair wheels have been known to go missing and coffee cups have been known to be invaded by Play-doh hearts. (Long story.) Good stuff.

Third, we really like to eat. There’s always some kind of goodie in the kitchen and there’s always a hot pot of coffee on. Lunch time is always torture as you smell the tasty, tasty goodies other people are heating up in the microwave.

Oh, and fourth, we’ve got all those other benefits you’re wondering about too, like health insurance, paid vacation, retirement, life insurance, and other such good things. You can learn more about those here.


Ready, Set, Email.

As KidzMatter grows and reaches more kids’ ministry leaders, more and more opportunities open up here at KidzMatter. Be sure to check out our available openings below!

If you think KidzMatter absolutely has to have you and we need to make an opening for you, well, we’d love to hear your compelling argument. For more information, email us anytime at