Can Your Child Handle the Truth?

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We know the Bible is true because the Bible is God’s Word and what God says is always true.

That’s one of the first facts we teach our children.

But wait a minute! What does truth mean to a child?

We tell a child to “tell” the truth. How does a young child interpret that?

Young elementary children often get in trouble for lying – for a few reasons.

1. They often don’t mean to “lie,” but are simply telling stories.

2. They understand that sometimes if you lie, you can get away with things. Sneakiness becomes part of their personality. (Isn’t it interesting that kids don’t need to be taught how to lie? The “sin nature” is one part of our life that needs no training.)

3. They don’t understand the difference between what is true and what isn’t true.

Teach your child what it means to “be true.”

Truth means that a person is telling you exactly what happens or will happen. When you say to your child, “Your bedroom is blue,” 1192871792CUyohVyou are telling the truth. When God says to us, “I will never leave you,” He is telling us the truth.

Play a truth/non-truth game with your child. As you’re driving or cooking supper, make a series of statements – some true, some not true.

Two and two equal four.

Two and two equal five.

Chocolate candy is the healthiest food you can eat.

Broccoli is a healthy food.

Sparks vests are blue.

Sparks vests are red.

You’re having fun, but at the same time your child is learning the meaning of truth.






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