Believing and Seeing and Believing

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By Elisa Morgan

Funny thing about faith: most of us start to believe blind. And then after we believe, we see. A bit. And when we see, we’re able to believe a bit more, and then see more as well.

Believing and seeing go together. Believing leads to seeing which leads to more believing and more seeing.

You’ve had this happen, haven’t you?

You’re laid off your job. With unseeing eyes, you look blind down the road ahead at what appears to be nothing. Believing that God will use even this, you stare. Days, weeks, sometimes months later you see – aha! – that job was not right for you after all! A door opens to a new placement and you see that God was shifting your life to meet his purposes. You believe. You see. You believe more. You see more. Your faith grows.

I think back over my faith walk and I’m aware of this process in my own life. As a child, I thought I saw who Jesus was: a kind teacher who loved me. As I became a teen, I grew to hear that Jesus was actually God’s Son – given as a baby to grow to manhood to walk this earth and teach us God’s ways, yes, but more – to die on a cross to pay the penalty for my sin. Our sin. I believed. And my eyes were opened to seeing a God who stretched his arms out on a cross and out in my daily life with a message scrawled in my heart: “I love you THIS much.”

Jesus said to Nicodemus, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” (John 3:3) Believing leads to seeing. To be born again, we have to believe that Jesus is real, that he is God. That he came to live and die to give us hope for the here and the hereafter. No one can see unless she believes.

And then, Jesus told Thomas, “Because you have seen me, you have believed…” (John 20:29.) Seeing leads to believing. When we see Jesus for ourselves – answering a prayer for enough money to meet the mortgage payment, nursing hope with a verse come to mind at just the moment it’s most needed, restoring a loved one to health after a harrowing accident – when we see Jesus for ourselves, we believe. Even in some moments we can only see a glimmer…believing helps us see what would otherwise be invisible.

Believing leads to seeing.

Seeing leads to believing.

I see.

I believe.

I see more.

And then I don’t. So I believe again.

And then I see.

Round and round the cycle continues, seeing building belief and belief stimulating sight, both fueling faith.


Elisa Morgan (MDiv) is the publisher of FullFill and the author ofThe Beauty of Broken and She Did What She Could. Follow her through her Facebook page (Elisa Morgan Author) and on her website: www.elisamorgan.com.


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Elisa Morgan is one of today's most sought-after authors, speakers and leaders. For twenty years, Elisa Morgan served as CEO of MOPS International and now serves as President Emerita. Elisa is the President of Mission: Momentum (www.missmo.org) and the Publisher of FullFill™, a FREE digital magazine for women of all ages, stages and callings. Contact Elisa at www.elisamorgan.com.