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When someone talks about discipleship, there’s a good chance they mean Bible study or mentoring. True discipleship happens constantly over time. The disciples of Christ didn’t meet with him once a week to ask questions or simply grab lunch a couple of times a month – they did life together, constantly. That’s discipleship.

In our culture, we’re constantly being discipled – we’re being trained by the messages we hear over and over again. And they are not all truth. In fact two of them really bug me.

Children are a curse

Of course nobody comes right out and says that but the communication is clear. Movies, commercials, things your friends post to facebook – they all communicate that the best life is the life after or the life without children. “I can’t wait until they move.” “I can’t wait until they go back to school.” The list goes on.

Yes, I get that kids can be inconvenient and that’s true. But that’s not how we’re being discipled.

Dad’s are idiots

This one used to be my biggest peeve. So much so that I wrote to Pizza Hut about one of their commercials. Their response” “It sells pizza.”

They knew the message they were sending and we hear it all the time. In fact, many of us believe it.
My wife headed to Poland this evening on a missions trip and before she left she had to field more than one question that sounded something like, “Who’s taking care of the kids?” It bugged her. Some people were honestly wondering because they know that my work these next two weeks will keep me extra busy but some have just been discipled to believe that men – specifically dads – are idiots.

It’s time we pay attention to what we’re hearing and reading everyday. It’s important that we understand these messages are meant to (and able to) shape what we believe.





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Jesse and his wife, Teri, will celebrate 20 years of marriage in May of 2012 and are raising two growing sons, Kevin and Alex. After moving from the DC metro area in 2008 they adopted a mastiff named Book and slobber became a way of life. In his spare time, you may find Jesse enjoying photography, biking, or simply watching a movie or reading. Jesse is a graduate of Cohort K from Bethel Seminary’s CFM program and serves as the Children and Family Pastor at the Evangelical Free Church of Wauconda.