Are You Flying Over Mission Fields to Get to the Mission Fields?

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The mission field in the US is screaming! There is such a huge need for Jesus as these people sit outside our churches every single Sunday. The mission fields your church may be flying over are the apartment complexes and the low income housing down the street from your church.

Don’t get me wrong. I highly support foreign missions. I think we should be going out into all the world and baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19b

However, I also believe that part of that world is the single parents and their children in all of our communities.

A couple of Saturdays ago, our church mission team held a garage sale to help send members of our church to Guatemala. While they were preparing for the garage sale one of our single moms was discovering that she had lost everything she had.

This single mom has made some bad decisions in her life before she came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior. I won’t tell her story because it is her story to tell and one day she will be ready to give her testimony. Just believe me when I say this single mom of two little girls is going to have one powerful testimony.

My single mom friend is renting a room with a local family. Because she only has one room she keeps everything she doesn’t need at the moment in a storage unit. On the Monday before the garage sale she went to her storage unit only to find that someone had broken the lock and had stolen every single item in the storage unit. There was nothing left not even the boogie boards her little girls used last summer.

Of course she was devastated. She was just about ready to give up. I contacted the people who had been in our Single & Parenting group and they all began praying for her and texting her encouraging messages.

When the mission team heard about our single parent they called me and said,

“Come up here and pick out some dishes and things you think that single mom will need.”

We were able to find dishes, glasses, bowls, can opener and many other things she will need when setting up her own household. Then they said,

“Call her and tell her to come here on Saturday at noon and she can have anything that is left over.”

Wow! It was at this point I realized,

“Here is a church that is flying to the mission field but they are remembering the mission field right here.”

When Saturday came we loaded up her little car with just about everything you can imagine. One of the men even brought up a trailer and delivered a computer desk for her.

A funny side to the story, the little girls were watching wide eyed as their mom was collecting things when one of the little girls was overheard saying,

“Look at all this stuff my mom is buying for us!”

She and her sister were in awe. Mom was ecstatic and so grateful. As a matter of fact she was afraid she was taking too much stuff until we explained that everything that was left was going to a local thrift shop.

This show of Christian love will not be lost on those two little girls as they grow up. It won’t be lost on the other single parents in our group. And it won’t be lost on the people in our church who contributed to help out a single mom family in our community. Thank you Jesus.

The title of this blog, “Are you flying over mission fields to get to the mission fields?”  comes from the book, “The Hidden Mission Field” by Theresa McKenna. A book worth the read.

What is your church doing to reach the single parent families in your community?





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