All Systems Are A Go. Time To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

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It is the new year and change is in the air. Everyone is talking new goals, habits, routines and more.

Today many walk around with grandiose ideas of the results they will be experiencing in no time. The truth that many do not want to really face is that the learning and growth you will experience is directly proportional to the size of the change you make or the discomfort you seek to experience.

All systems are a go, time to get out of your comfort zone!

Here are some ways to start:

1. Start Small. Change is scary for everyone. If you’ve never done anything REALLY scary in your life, start with a small change. Make a goal like, “Make an appointment with 2 school principles to begin an in road into the public schools for the purpose of starting an after school ministry.” Anything that makes you feel a bit unnerved when you think about it is a great place to start.

2. Measure your commitment. Decide that you are going to do “one thing that takes you out of your comfort zone” per day; or maybe it’s ‘per week’. You want to face one fear or one situation that you normally would have brushed off. Write it down at night before bed, check it off during the next day as you complete it.

3. Write it down. Each time you do something you wouldn’t normally do, write what you learned from it. When you’re fearful of taking on something different the next time, go back and read what you learned and how you grew from something.

4. Know yourself. know when you’re ready for a big change. Make the change. Don’t think about it emotionally. As Nike says, “Just do it”.

5. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and make many of them. Any person who is accomplishing things will tell you they learned more from the failures than their successes.

There are 5 ways to begin getting out of your comfort zone. You know what you need to do. You know where you want to end up in a year, two, 5 years and beyond. You know what your dream ministry looks like. All systems really are a go. Time to get out of your comfort zone.

If learning and growth you will experience is directly proportional to the size of the change you make or the discomfort you seek to experience, are you on course to experience what you want to experience?





About the Author

I have the privilege of being the children’s pastor at Sheffield Family Life Center, an incredible church in Kansas City, Missouri. ?? I oversee a growing children’s ministry, SFLCKids. Every weekend you can always see hundreds of kids coming in to have a real experience with the life changing Savior – Jesus.?? I am married to Rachel, the best wife that God could have picked for me. We have been given three incredible gifts from God by the names of Jenelle, Camille, and Zachary. ?? Lastly I enjoy fishing with family, reading about leadership, task management, all things Macintosh and gadgets.