Alarming increase: children living in single-parent families

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SingleandParentingƒIt’s alarming. Fully one-third of all children in the US now live in single-parent families.

From the Annie E. Casey Foundation we learn:

“In 2012, 35 percent of children (24.7 million) lived in single-parent families.” The report goes on to state that “the percentage of children living in these households has increased by 13 percent (4 million children) since 2000. Kids living in single-parent families are four times more likely to live in poverty than those with married parents (37 vs. 9 percent). Rates of children in single-parent families range from a high of 49 percent in Mississippi to a low of 20 percent in Utah.”

You can find the percentage in your state by going to the map and clicking on your state. For instance where I live in Florida the percentage is 40%. However, Mississippi at 49%, is where almost half of all children live in single parent homes.

If your church doesn’t have at least one in three children living in a single parent family attending your children’s classes, then you are missing reaching out to the kids in your community.  For states like Alabama that would be more like 1 in 2 children need to be living in a single parent family.

  • These kids deserve to be introduced to a loving heavenly Father.
  • They should become acquainted with the church family.
  • A church family can assist the single parent and provide support and encouragement.

One very effective way to minister to single-parent families is the Single & Parenting curriculum from Church Initiative.

According to the percentages, how is your church measuring up?





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