Adopting the Mindset of an Owner

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Whether working on a job or in a ministry, there are always those who seem to “get it” and those who just “don’t get it”. And I think that a lot of it has to do with one simple principle – whether or not they have adopted the mindset of an employee or an owner.

It’s the same difference in mindset between a renter and a landlord. The difference is in one word – Possession!

  • An employee who takes on the mindset and initiative of an owner will probably be the next one promoted.
  • The renter who treats the house like the landlord would treat the house will probably never get evicted.
  • In the same sense, the staff member or ministry volunteer who takes possession of their calling and responsibilities will probably be the most effective.

How does an owner think? They always have the best interest of the organization in mind.

They’re always looking for ways to make it better. They want their organization to be the best that it can be and to reach it’s peak effectiveness. So what kinds of things do they do?

  • They stay late.
  • They cast vision.
  • They go the extra mile.
  • They have their finger on the pulse of the organization.
  • In big ways and small ways, they’re always trying to make it better.

If we’re going to adopt the mindset of an owner, what kind of things do we need to do?

1. Function Like You’re the Leader.

I’m not suggesting that you start bossing everyone else around, but rather that you start looking at your organization or ministry through the lens of leadership. See what your boss or your pastor sees. Adopt their vision as your own, and own your piece of that vision.

Make decisions like the entire organization is riding on them. Be passionate about your areas of responsibility.

Those who have the characteristic of possession take responsibility for their area of responsibility. They think like this, “The success of my organization… my ministry… my class… my bus route depends on me. It won’t be better unless I make it better.”

R.B. Ouellette once said, “Those who own a piece of the vision and see it as their ministry are far more effective in the work of the Lord than those who view themselves as temporary participants – or renters.”

2. Be a Finisher.

We all know those people who are always the last to leave when the final light is turned off. They stay to serve until everything is finished and completed. They won’t be satisfied with anything less than giving their best. They’ve adopted the mindset of an owner.  And those kinds of people are a huge blessing.

Make sure that those in authority over you know they can always count on you to be a “door-closer”.

3. Pay Attention to Small Details.

Owners care when they see little pieces of trash on the floor that everyone else seems to overlook. Owners care whether you’re 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late. Owners care whether or not things are done to their full completion. So if you and I are going to take on the mindset of an owner, we’ve got to care about the details as well!

I’ve been privileged to serve in a “second man” position for the past 13 years at our church, and one of the greatest blessings that I strive to be to my Pastor is for him to know that he has another like-minded “owner” on the team. I find that I’m equally blessed by those who serve under my leadership by their demonstration of “possession” in their ministries.

Whether you work for an organization, serve as a Sunday School teacher, help on a bus route, or simply have responsibility that has been entrusted to you, adopt the mindset of an owner. Own it like it’s yours. Your employer, your pastor, or your authority will take notice.

Remember that you don’t have to be the leader to lead. You don’t have to create the vision to be able to carry it. And you don’t have to own the organization to be an owner.

Possess. Possess! POSSESS! The difference is in one word – Possession!

In what specific ways could you shift your mindset from that of an employee/volunteer to that of an owner?





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