A Great KidMin Leader Is . . .

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A great KidMin leader is . . .

1. Someone worth following.

Leadership of others starts with leadership of self. When we lead ourselves well, we become leaders worth following. So great KidMin leaders are those who lead themselves well by:

  • committing to personal growth
  • protecting their character
  • maintaining priorities
  • building quality relationships
  • leading by example
  • continually improve their communication abilities
  • ______________( fill in the blank for what’s relevant to you ) ________________

2. Someone who leads with vision. 

This means that, first, the leader must have a vision worth following. It also means that they consistently communicate vision through their language, their decision making and their actions.

3. Someone who cares before they communicate. 

A great KidMin leader will always be a servant leader. They are someone who loves their people – kids, parents, volunteers – and actively places that love for people above their pursuit of the needs of the ministry. They place people over program – always.

4. Someone who thinks “we” over “me”. 

Real leaders understand that it’s not about them. It’s about the team working together to accomplish something greater than any single individual. If a vision can be accomplished by the leader (or any other individual) then that vision is too small. The great KidMin leader understands and acts on the fact that “we” always trumps “me”.

5. Someone who thinks beyond their own ministry. 

Children’s Ministry is not the church. It is part of the church, but that means that it is part of something greater than itself (see #4). So a great KidMin leader will ensure, first of all, that the vision for Children’s Ministry is fully aligned with the overall vision of the church. Second, the great KidMin leader will do everything possible to create systems and processes within Children’s Ministry that fully support and complement other departments and the church as a whole.

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Greg is a children’s ministry veteran of over 25 years who blogs at ChildrensMinistryLeader.com. He now serves Senior Director of Leadership Development at David C Cook, developing and delivering ministry training around the world. He’s a sports nut who married way over his head to Michele, and is kept on his toes by two teenage boys, Taylor and Garret. Website: http://ChildrensMinistryLeader.com; http://Twitter.com/ChildMinLeader; http://Facebook/com/ChildrensMinistryLeader