A Great, FREE Way to Show Volunteers How Awesome They Are

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Heading into Christmas this past year (2014), our children’s ministry directors had a great idea for how we could show appreciation to the insanely amazing team of volunteers who serve in our children’s ministry. As we were talking through plans and ideas weeks before, there was one thing we knew, we were flat broke. There was no budget money available. Whatever idea we came up with, we had to pay for ourselves or it had to be free.

In the end, Melissa & Lisa (Directors of Preschool & Elementary), had an excellent idea that would allow volunteers to hear from parents about how great they are and how much it means to kids and families. They contacted parents of kids in preschool and elementary at our church and asked them to send in notes, comments, letters, or anything over email that would communicate how their family has been blessed by the efforts of the C3 Kids Team and/or specific volunteers. They printed those notes and displayed them on some boards that sat on easels in our elementary environment. Volunteers were invited to a Christmas Breakfast (provided by another generous person) before services, and were able to walk around and read all the great notes showing appreciation for what they do.

It was an amazing way to celebrate volunteers that required some work, but very little cost. You can see pictures of a bunch of the notes below.

What great ideas can you share of you showed appreciation to your teams?







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Nick serves as the Children and Student Team Leader at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, MD. He and his amazing wife Jennifer have one son named Isaac. Nick is all about serving churches to help them reach their full potential.