7 Misperceptions About Children’s Ministry Leaders

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Being a Children’s Pastor/Director is so much fun! It’s also one of the more misunderstood roles in the church. And it’s hard! Here are 7 misperceptions about this role that I’ve come across and bring a smile to my face – click through to our Facebook page to add yours!

1. That we only work on Sundays.

2. That it’s really OK with us if you drop off kids with dirty diapers & snotty noses in the nursery.

3. That we really are offering free childcare – program is great but the most important thing is keeping kids occupied while real ministry happens with adults.

4. That we’re doing KidMin just until a “real” job opens up in the church.

5. That it must be a great job because we spend all our time with kids.

6. That we must love it when Pastor goes long in the service because it gives us even more time with the kids.

7. That Children’s Ministry is pretty easy – after all, it’s just kids, right?

I’m sure you’ve experienced similar “misperceptions”. Click here to share them!





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