7 Biblical Areas that Curriculum Should Address

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Choosing a good curriculum will help a Sunday School ministry reach its full potential. If a curriculum is going to succeed at making disciples who can make more disciples (Matthew 28:19; 2 Timothy 2:2), there are seven areas that the curriculum should address specifically.

1. Believe the gospel. A disciple-making curriculum should encourage students to believe the gospel. This means the curriculum should include clear gospel presentations. Teaching believers to share the gospel characterizes a good disciple-making curriculum.

2. Understand Biblical ethics. God has a set of standards for believers to follow. Sunday School curriculum should teach those standards as part of the disciple-making process. This purpose for curriculum is becoming increasingly important in a world that sees truth as relative.

3. Internalize godliness. True followers of Christ will refuse to live with a facade of the Christian life. Instead they will live godly from the heart. So, disciple-making curriculum should teach students to live righteously from their hearts.

4. Learn doctrine. Clearly teaching Bible-based doctrine is an essential part of making disciples. Effective curriculum will include lessons on important doctrinal truths so the students will become confident discerners of truth.

5. Develop life skills. Disciple-making curriculum must relate truth to life. The students should be challenged to live out what they learn in Sunday School. They should be challenged to respond to God’s Word so they are prepared to live in a godly way during both the mundane and the difficult circumstances of life.

6. Uplift others. Focusing on others is a strong emphasis in the teachings of Christ. Curriculum that makes disciples should help students take their eyes off themselves so they can focus on the needs of others.

7. Prepare to serve. Christ came to serve others, and He expects nothing less from His disciples. Disciple-making curriculum should prepare students to serve the Lord in the context of their local church.





About the Author

Alex Bauman grew up in the home of a GARBC pastor. Before coming to RBP in 2004, Alex served as a youth and education pastor for six years. As director of Regular Baptist Press, he oversees the production of Sunday School curriculum, VBS materials, books, and Bible studies and works directly with the adult curriculum as the department’s primary editor. Alex also conducts Impact Teaching Seminars to help teachers learn how to teach effectively. Alex is coauthor of the Bible study Serving God, which he wrote with his wife, Dawn, and author of Impact Teaching Leader’s Guide. Dawn is the author of several children’s and youth curriculum resources for RBP. The Baumans are the parents of two sons and a daughter.