6 Big Myths About Kids Worship

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6 Big Myths About Kids Worship

by Bob Singleton, head worship guy at God’s Kids Worship


Myth 1 – Worship takes at least 20 (or 10 or 15 or any set number of) minutes.

Reality – Worship is an attitude, not an event. How long is an attitude?

Myth 2 – Real worship can only start in the youth department.

Reality – Psalm 150 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”Is anybody breathing in the kids ministry? Let’s hope so. There is no lower age limit on worship.

Myth 3 – Worship is learning to sing lists from the Bible.

Reality – Learning lists is…well, learning. Worship is telling God you believe him to be who he says he is in the Bible. Ever see God described as, “the One who teacheth me lists of things”?

Myth 4 – Worship songs must be about the same thing as the message.

Reality – Worship and messages have different purposes. One pours information into kids, the other pours love into God’s open arms. Don’t try to force them to do the same thing.

Myth 5 – We can just play a (name the artist) CD and show lyrics with PowerPoint.

Reality – not if you want to sing along. Most recording artists have a hard time hitting their own notes. Why inflict that on your kids? Get music that kids can actually sing and they will take the song with them in their heart.

Myth 6 – You need a talented/gifted music director.

Reality – While that’s always nice, the whole “make a joyful noise”thing pretty much blows that out of the water. There are no recommended musical skills listed in the Bible in order to worship God.


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About the Author

Bob Singleton is a Grammy® nominated, and 4-time Dove nominated producer of music for kids. He's created award-winning CD's and videos for the Christian market with Word Music, Tommy Nelson, Everland Entertainment, and others. He's one of the most widely heard creators of music for kids in the world as music director for Barney® and Friends for 10 years. He's produced 2 platinum albums, and created songs and produced music for the top entertainment companies in the business, including Barney®, Marvel Animation, Sony Wonder Entertainment, New World Entertainment, Fox Searchlight Motion Pictures and many others. Bob has also created music and worked with Christian curriculum developers like Group Publishing, Concordia Publishing, Tabor Publishing, and others. You may have seen some of his work if you have "Great Songs for God's Kids," "Kid City Tunes," "Bible Action Songs," "All Time Favorites," "Sunday School Favorites," and many other Christian market videos and recordings.