Shiny Objects

5 Ways to Treat Shiny Objects

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I’ve always been tempted to chase shiny objects. If I’m not careful, they can draw me away from what I should really be focusing on. At the same time, some shiny objects can turn out to be gold and are well worth the chase! So what are you to do with shiny objects as a leader? Here are a few options:

1. Chase every one that comes your way. This will ensure you get nothing done because you’ll constantly be chasing something new.

2. Ignore them altogether. After all, what you are doing is probably working. Sure it may be old and in need of minor repair, but it’s been good to you all these years.

3. Be intentional when chasing them. My friend and mentor, Daryle Doden, encouraged me this week to be intentional about chasing shiny objects. He gave me two of his secrets.

4. Master the art of delegation. (This was Daryle’s first secret.) I can’t chase shiny objects unless I have learned to delegate power and authority to those I trust. Otherwise, I become a bottleneck at the top. If I haven’t learned to delegate, my team will be waiting on me for answers and direction while I am busy chasing shiny objects.

5. Get help knowing what shiny objects are worth pursuing. (This was Daryle’s second secret.) This is where a Skunk Works Team comes into play. Your Skunk Works Team may be your spouse, your assistant, a trusted friend, or an actual team. Whoever it may be, get help choosing what shiny objects are worth pursuing. Which ones will move you and/or your ministry forward faster? Embrace those. Which ones will take you down the slow road to nowhere? Deep six those.

I can tell you story after story of shiny objects I have chased as a children’s pastor and CEO. Some of them have turned out to be nothing more than an old gum wrapper that shined from a distance. However, a few of them have been gold and are still paying dividends today. (I’ve gotta run. I see something shiny sparkling out of the corner of my eye.)