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5 Secrets For Raising Money For Your Ministry

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Ever wish you had more money to work with in your ministry? Sure, we’ve all been there. What if I could give you five guaranteed-to-work ways to raise money for your ministry? What would you pay to see that list? Well, you’re not going to have to pay a dime. I’m going to share these secrets with you right now.

In the church world, pastors talk about five giving pockets. In other words, there are at least five different ways that people will give money when provided the opportunity. You want to make sure you are presenting solid needs in all five areas, or you will be “leaving money on the table.” The five giving pockets are the general fund, building projects or capital improvements, world-wide missions, local missions, and dedicated giving.

Just as there are giving pockets for “big church,” there are giving pockets for children’s ministry as well. In fact, I believe there are five giving pockets that you need to create. If you are intentional about creating these five pockets and communicating them well, people will give to your ministry. Here they are:

People love giving to a special project. Maybe it’s a new children’s wing at the church, or new church van, or updating the classrooms with new carpet and paint. If you’ve always wanted a fancy puppet stage, or a Smart Board, or a playground, or whatever, maybe it’s time to start making a big ask. People respond to special projects.

People love to give to special events. With this giving pocket, you aren’t just going after money (although you can). Use events as a tool to get people to donate non-cash items. Prizes for the Easter candy hunt. School supplies for back to school Sunday. Candy for the Trunk or Treat. You get the idea.

This is a giving pocket that senior pastors go after and you should too. Maybe your children’s ministry can sponsor a handful of Compassion kids. Maybe you can raise money for an Awana club overseas. Maybe your ministry canprovide clean water to a village  that needs a well. Get the kids to help. My guess is that the parents and grandparents will follow in suit.

What kind of outreach can your children’s or family ministry have in your community? Communicate the vision and cast the net. This is a huge giving pocket for your ministry.

People love to help kids – especially when they need an extra hand. I’ve raised lots of money over the years for kids who couldn’t afford to go to church camp on their own. Maybe you have too. It’s really not that tough. Sometimes you just need to let people know what the needs are.

There you have it — five giving pockets you need to create in your children’s ministry that will encourage people to give money to your ministry. Once you have the money, be sure to steward it with care so God will trust you with more.

If you think I’m missing a significant giving pocket, I’d love to hear it in the comments section below.