5 Qualities of Top-Notch Sunday School Teachers

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Of all the various children’s ministries that go on in the church, none may be so vital as the Sunday School class. Life changing lessons are taught, lifelong relationships are made, and the love of Christ is demonstrated weekly to kids through adult spiritual leaders.

I won’t hesitate to say it, but at our church, we have some of the very best Sunday School teachers that exist. I am regularly blown away by their creativity and passion for their student’s and their class’ success.

Why do I believe they are top-notch? Here are 5 great reasons:

1. They’re PUNCTUAL

It may seem like a small thing, but punctuality reflects how much value you place upon something. Punctuality leaves the right impression upon parents who drop their kids off into our care. It communicates excellence. It also allows for the teacher to start every Sunday off right with a smile on their face when each child arrives.

Our teachers are required to be in their class at least 15 minutes before start time, but many of them are there every week much sooner than that, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the children they have missed and prayed for throughout the week.

2. They’re PREPARED

Sunday School teachers who mean business aren’t trying to cram on the lesson just minutes before the children arrive. They are calmly prepared in advance, both in their material and in their heart. They have invested in their preparation time so that now they can be dedicated to investing into their kids.


If you could take a look at the rooms and walls of our Sunday School classes, you would see passion written all over them. These teachers aren’t just occupying a time slot on Sunday mornings, they are investing their very hearts and lives into these classes. I absolutely love walking into their classrooms on Sunday morning and hearing, feeling, and seeing the energy and passion with which they serve.

4. They’re PRAYED UP

When you’re doing something as important as changing lives, you’d better realize that it’s going to take more than just you and your talent. It’s going to take the supernatural power of God. Teachers can’t change kids. Lessons can’t change kids. Only God can change kids. Yet He wants to do it through us. Prayer makes that possible.

5. They’re PERSONAL

Beyond greeting the kids by name as they arrive and pouring their hearts into them for an hour each week, they do regular activities outside of the class as well as visit in the homes of their students. Because it’s more than just a class, it’s a calling.

Sunday School teachers are special people who do life changing work in the world’s greatest mission field of children. I’m honored to be able to serve alongside of them, and I wish I could award each and every one with a medal of honor, but then again, I know that their greatest reward awaits them.

Sunday School teachers, Thank You for touching eternity!

Whether you have children in a Sunday School class or not this weekend, take the time to say a big “THANK YOU” to a Sunday School teacher, letting them know that they are noticed and appreciated.





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