4 Steps To Create Your Own Lessons

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How to create your own lessons or curriculum

I am assuming that you have used a curriculum, or someone else’s lessons.  Have you ever created your own?  Here are the steps that I follow when I write my own lessons. Maybe they can help or inspire you to create your own.

When I was a teacher, I wrote daily lesson plans.  Each page included the goal of the lesson, how I planned to achieve that goal, and some ideas.  I also included a follow up to the lesson to record some of the things that worked well and what didn’t work so well.

I take a similar approach when creating lessons to use at church.  I have a sheet that I fill out with all the ideas I can think of.  I included possible bible verses, object lessons, creative elements (puppets, skits, characters, ect), songs and games.  After I fill out lots of ideas, I wait a while, sometimes a few days, then I revisit the brainstorm sheets.  I begin to cross off things that don’t really fit, or

that I don’t like.  I am finally left with enough ideas that I can transfer them into a basic outline for an entire service.

4 steps to create your own lessons

Step 1:  Brainstorm

Step 2:  Wait a while

Step 3:  Revisit and revise

Step 4:  Create an outline

At this point, it is time to fill in the details.  You may know what the point of the lesson is, but you need to figure out what you will say.  Some people write word for word, others will write out general points and outline.  Whatever you do, you will do that after you create your basic outline.

After I use the brainstorm sheet, I use the lesson plan sheet.  Just think, if you do this 4 weeks in a row, you will have your very own curriculum unit! Check out one of my curriculum units here, or check here for some of my small group lessons.

Feel free to look at the brainstorm and lesson plan sheets, download and print them and use them yourself.  My friend Brandon Maddux (click here to meet Brandon and check out his resources) took my idea and turned it into a mind map, for those of you that are more visual.  Feel free to share some of the lessons you create with the rest of the world!  I would be happy to post them here, or link to them if you post them yourself.  Let me know.

Brainstorm Sheet

Mind Map

Lesson Plan sheet





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