30 Curriculum Questions You Need To Ask

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It’s January.
It’s snowing.
At least it’s snowing here in Chicago.

No one is thinking about changes for the Fall.
…at least not yet.

But there are a few KidMin leaders out there (maybe you’re one of them), who are already thinking about making changes in your curriculum. Let’s get this out on the table: Change is hard. Even good change.

And curriculum is a big deal.
Curriculum provides the structure for your KidMin program.
Curriculum gives you insight in what kids are learning and where volunteers can engage.

Changing curriculum can be tough because:

    1. You chose what you’ve got for a reason.
    2. Your leaders are used to it.
    3. Parents are used to it.
    4. Mostly importantly – the kids are familiar with it.

What should you look for in a curriculum?
Why would you consider a change?
How should you prepare your team for the change?

Here are 30 questions to ask when considering a curriculum change:

Will changing curriculum…
1. keep the gospel at the forefront?

2. fit better with church culture?

3. be easy for leaders?

4. help parents engage better?

5. result in facility / set up changes too?

6. be easy for visiting kids?

7. lean on relational discipleship?

8. be fun for kids?

9. be easy for kids?

10. be supported by senior leadership?

11. increase volunteer participation?

12. cost more / less?

13. speak to the needs of current families?

14. speak to the needs of our community?

15. make it easy for leaders to contribute?

16. give opportunities for volunteers to work in their strengths?

17. fit into the vision for our church?

18. allow kids to transition or “graduate” easily?

19. help leaders feel valued?

20. point kids how God has designed them?

21. compete with other ministries for space or time?

22. give volunteers opportunities to grow?

23. make large-group teaching accessible for volunteers?

24. provide options for parents?

25. enhance family life in our church?

26. help our church connect with our community?

27. fit with our current facility?

28. teach the gospel clearly and creatively?

29. leave room for the Holy Spirit to work?

30. build community inside our church?

…and there you go.

Anything we missed?





About the Author

Brannon Marshall is Director of Global Church Engagement for Awana and serves on staff at Christ Community Church. He has served as a church planter and youth pastor, and is a frequent speaker on issues relating to church health. Brannon and his wife, Mandie, live in Elgin, IL, with their children: Joseph, Carston, and Hannah.