25 Mid-Year Motivators

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Today’s post was written by Dan Lovaglia, Director of New Ministries here at Awana. Dan has some great ideas for encouraging and motivating leaders.

Read on … and then share ideas YOU have.

God’s Word consistently reminds us to press on, to endure from start to finish. At the turn of the New Year, it’s likely that the leaders in your Awana ministry are in one of two camps: building momentum or feeling fatigued. In both cases, a dose of encouragement can go a long way in strengthening them during the second half of the ministry year. Try one (or more) of these 25 Memorable Mid-Year Motivators* to build into your team along the way.

  1. Pre-Club Pizza Buffet – feeding volunteer leaders is an instant morale booster.
  2. Winter Break Beach Party – host a theme party and have fun together.
  3. Utilize “You Belong” – visit the You Belong site for great encouragement resources.
  4. Be Encouraged Email/Texts – build up leaders with Scripture through email or texts.
  5. Free Online E-Cards – search the Web for free e-cards to send heartfelt encouragement.
  6. Say “Thank You!” – verbally thank EVERY leader in person or on the phone.
  7. Awana Club Clinics – link leaders up with timely training they can do on their own.
  8. Leader of the Month – have volunteers vote for and recognize one leader each month.
  9. AMC Connection Kit Training – connect, inspire and equip leaders with a great DVD!
  10. Leader Recognition Service – honor volunteers in Large Group Time or a church service.
  11. From the Desk of – invite your church’s pastor to express gratitude to Awana leaders.
  12. Chili Cook-Off – challenge your leaders to a night of “competitive” fellowship!
  13. Celebration Certificate – give leaders a mid-season “certificate” for serving faithfully.
  14. Perfect Attendance Lunch – treat leaders who never miss a week to a meal together.
  15. Leader’s Night Out – find a way to provide one night of free childcare for your leaders.
  16. Spiritual Strength Training – challenge leaders to pair up as prayer partners for one week.
  17. Verse of the Week – hand out encouraging Bible verses on slips of paper to leaders.
  18. Red Carpet Night – set up photo/autograph stations for leaders and clubbers!
  19. Parent Parking – invite parents to provide “valet parking” at your next leaders’ meeting.
  20. Way to Go! Wall – post pictures of every Awana leader so they are seen as people walk in.
  21. $100 Grand Giveaway – “pay” each leader with a snack-sized $100 Grand candy bar!
  22. Top 10 List – create a “Top 10 Reasons We Serve Kids” list to read at a pre-club meeting.
  23. High Fives All Around – build energy by giving your leaders high fives when they serve.
  24. “Caught Serving” – give leaders a picture of themselves serving at your Awana ministry.
  25. Vision Night – remind club leaders of God’s faithfulness in 2013 and plans for 2014!

* Or, Create Your Own…

*Reminder: Be sure to filter these ideas through the ministry guidelines of your club and church. Get creative and kick off 2014 with a Memorable Mid-Year Motivator that will impact the leaders in your Awana ministry best!





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