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be a better leader2 ways to be a better leader

Here are two quick tips to think about if you are interested in being a better leader. First, be clear with expectations, and second, make sure you supply proper tools necessary to complete the task. That’s it. They may seem simple, but as simple as they are, they are often overlooked.

Be a better leader by being clear with expectations:

If you are leading someone, or delegating something, it is up to you to set up the expectations. To throw someone into a situation, or ask them to complete a task without giving enough information is setting them up for failure. Your task is just the opposite, to set them up to succeed. Leaving someone to fend for themselves, or to assume they know what you want will only leave you both frustrated. If you want to be a better leader, work hard to be clear with any expectations you may have.

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Be a better leader by supplying materials necessary to complete the task:

We already said that your job is to set up those around you to be successful. If you want a hole dug to plant a bush, you would not equip someone with a rake. Nor would you supply a plastic sand shovel that is used at the beach. Not only do you want the end result to be a planted bush, but part of the end goal is to allow someone else to be successful digging the hole themselves. Of course you would give them a large garden shovel. By supplying the proper tools you will save everyone quite a bit of frustration.


It can be very frustrating when you want to do the right thing, and do it well, but you are not exactly sure what is expected, nor do you have what you need to complete the task. Save everyone a little frustration and be clear with your expectations up front, and make sure you supply the necessary tools.

Being a good leader takes planning. Next time you are equipping someone for a task, remember to set clear expectations and plan ahead to make sure you can give them the proper tools and sit back and watch the task get completed successfully!

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So what do you think makes a good leader? What would you suggest to someone who is trying to be a better leader? Post a comment so we can learn from each other.






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