15 Theme Nights – Merry Christmas!

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Christmas is coming quickly … and that means celebrations and special theme nights. Here is a list of 15 – not all are focused on Christmas, but most of them are.

1. Pumpkin (cranberry) Bread/Muffin Night. Kids make pumpkin bread/muffins together. The finished products are then wrapped in Saran Wrap and are ready to be delivered. Choose a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Leaders and clubbers divide into groups to deliver the bread to homes. This could be to people who have done guest lessons at club, to homes of clubbers who haven’t been there for awhile or homes where you know a major event has recently taken place: a new baby, a death, a move, etc. … or just to say “hi.”

Large Group Lesson could be on kindness: Colossians 3:12

2. Giant Twister Night – Make a giant Twister board with sidewalk chalk on the church parking lot or with removable tape inside.

Large Group lesson could be on Philippians 2:15 – standing strong in the middle of a crooked and twisted world.

3. Joy to the World Night – Clubbers bring in an object that makes noise. This could be anything from a pan and spoon to a real instrument. Then, together make a joyful  noise unto the Lord. This is especially good for younger clubbers.

Large Group lesson could be Psalm 100.

4. No Room in the Inn Night – On a club night before Christmas, have all your clubs meet outside. Purchase hay bales for kids to use as chairs. Bring flashlights for them to use as they are saying verses. Make a chalk circle on the parking lot for games. The purpose of the night is to remind the clubbers that the Lord Jesus Christ was not born in a hospital or a comfortable room, but rather He was born outside and laid in a manger. (This works best for older kids).

Large Group lesson could be Luke 2

5. Grandparents and Cookies Night – Invite grandparents and grandchildren to bring a plate of cookies for a bake-off. (You could do this as a Christmas theme and focus on Christmas cookies.) Prizes could be for another batch of cookies; flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc.. Everyone shares in enjoying the snack. Clubbers who don’t have grandparents available could “adopt” a grandparent for the evening.  Leaders could match up people at church who are willing to be an “adopted” grandparent for a child. (In the “adopted” grandparent situations, team up a couple adults for a few kids – to follow child-protection guidelines.)

Large Group lesson could be on Ephesians 4:32.

6. Leader Favorite Night – Each leader chooses a favorite game, a favorite song and a favorite verse. One or two leaders could also bring their favorite snacks to share with everyone.

7. Give-the-Shirt-Off-Your-Back Night – Clubbers bring a new child-sized t-shirt to be given to a mission, shelter or other organization that works with needy children. The shirts can be newly bought or one a child has received from a special event, but never worn. (Of course, leaders need to make sure that any shirts with words are appropriate).

Large Group lesson can be on Romans 12:20 – giving to those in need.

8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Night – Kids wear ugliest Christmas sweaters. If they don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater at their house, they can do a “bad” job of decorating a t-shirt or sweater to make it ugly.

Large Group lesson can be on 1 Samuel 16:7 – Man looks on the outward appearance, but God knows our hearts.

9. Wrap a Leader Night. Bring lots of used or cheap wrapping paper, ribbon and tape. Each team wraps their leader as a gift. Prizes for most “beautifully” wrapped leader.

10. Christmas Shopping Night. Clubbers have the opportunity to spend their shares at the store and buy gifts for their families.  (You could ask people in the church to donate items that would make good gifts.)

11. Silent Night. No noise on this night – songs, verses, cheering for your team must all be done silently. (The Large Group lesson speaker will need to talk, however.)

12. Wisemen Night.  Kids dress up as wise men (or women) or wear a star. If you can, get samples of frankincense and myrrh so kids understand what this is. Sometimes Christian bookstores have these in special Christmas displays.

Large Group Lesson – on the wisemen coming to see the child, Jesus. (Remember Mary, Joseph and Jesus were living in a house by this time. Jesus was probably a child of about 2. The wisemen did not come to the manger.) Matthew 2

13. Christmas Caroling Night. Teach the clubbers two or three Christmas carols to sing in the neighborhood. (Kids aren’t as familiar with carols as they once were, so you will need to do some teaching.) Make sure you have the necessary permission to go off church property.

Large Group Lesson  – using music to praise God. Ephesians 5:19

14. Make a Christmas Card Night. Have clubbers make cards for residents of a community nursing home. (Choose one where Christmas cards would be welcomed because residents don’t have many visitors or belongings.)  Bring old cards that the clubbers can cut up to make new cards, markers, glitter, etc.

15. Grace Night. Give clubbers surprise gifts. Tell them they did nothing to deserve the gift, but the leaders wanted to show them how much they cared. Explain that salvation is a gift of grace from God. Use Ephesians 2:8-9.





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