10 Ways to Declutter

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10 Ways to DECLUTTER



  1. Check EVERY cabinet for outdated curriculum. Toss it! You are really never going to use it. (We could probably stop right here and the decluttering effect would be amazing!)


  1. Toss any toys that have broken pieces.


  1. Puzzles that have a missing piece need to go in the garbage. Organize puzzles by putting them in zip-lock bags or on a special puzzle shelving unit.


  1. Put like things together.


  1. Throw away dried up markers and broken crayons.


  1. Take everything off the walls. Start over with a fresh slate.


  1. Anything that belongs at your home goes in your car. (You’ll have to decide when you’re going to deal with the car clutter.)


  1. Label all your bins.


  1. If it’s on a wall, in the cabinet, or setting around and it’s from a previous unit, then it’s out of here!


  1. Celebrate by hanging a new bright “Welcome” sign on your classroom door.







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