10 Things You Must Know When Ministering To The Child Of Divorce

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Children need:

1. Caring adults who understand that children from single parent homes may have a constant fear about their safety

2. Adults who will not leave them at the foot of the cross but will continually teach them about a heavenly Father who will never leave them or forsake them

3. Adults who understand the child standing before them may attend two different churches, two entirely different denominations and may be very confused about two different sets of belief

4. Adult leaders who understand the mourning process a child of divorce experiences

5. Adults who understand the grieving process single parents experience when they become a single parent

6. Adults who understand the child from a single parent home may live in two separate homes

7. Church leaders who understand the need to develop caring relationships with not only the child but also with the single parent

8. Adults who understand the single parent does not always have control over when the child will be able to attend various church events

9. Adults in children’s ministries who will minister to the single parent as well as to the child

10. Children’s leaders who understand the stages a single parent experiences as they parent their children alone

And, above all, these children need to know that they are loved despite the complications that surround them.





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