10 Resources For Every Children’s Ministry Leader

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There are more resources for Children’s Ministry than ever before. Whatever you need, it’s available! And there are far more than just 10 resources that I could list here, but here are 10 that I believe every KidMin leader should follow or invest in (in no particular order; please add yours with a link in the comments):

Magazines These bi-monthly magazines offer huge returns for a very small investment:

Websites Blogs & other sites offer free leadership development and resources. Here are a couple of my favorites: 

  • My friend, Dale Hudson, writes what I believe is the most consistent, insightful blog on leading in children’s ministry (along with ours, of course :))
  • A HUGE wealth of free resources for your children’s ministry.

Conferences I would highly encourage you to take advantage of a conference at least bi-annually, if not annually. Exposure to quality teaching by experienced veterans, AND the networking opportunities with people who are in the trenches just like you simply cannot be duplicated. Here are a few general ministry conferences I would recommend for any leader:

Books Commit to reading one chapter a day and it will accelerate your leadership faster than you can imagine. Here are 3 great options that can be directly applied to our roles leading children’s & family ministry (even though they aren’t written for children’s ministry leaders): 





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