10 Lessons I Learned About Volunteers by Volunteering

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One thing every ministry leader should do is make time to actually volunteer.

If you are a next generation leader then you spend tons of time asking people to volunteer. You spend hour on hour recruiting and equipping people to serve. Truth is that none of our ministries would ever make a lasting impact without the passion and dedication of volunteers!

The past few months I’ve had the chance to volunteer with different ministries in our church. September gave me the chance to serve on a ministry site for our one day missions blitz called Operation Serve, and this past weekend I had the chance to host a trunk and connect with families at our community wide Trunk or Treat event. I learned so much by just taking time to step back and be a volunteer.

Here are 10 lessons I learned from taking time to volunteer…

  1. Volunteers love to be a part of something significant.
  2. Volunteers need the right info and easy access to info.
  3. Volunteers love to have fun.
  4. Volunteers love seeing progress.
  5. Volunteers need support when problems arise.
  6. Volunteers will give more than asked.
  7. Volunteers need clear expectations.
  8. Volunteers need a voice.
  9. Volunteers are up for hard work.
  10. Volunteers appreciate a simple and authentic thank you.

Take time out to step away from leading volunteers and actually volunteer in another ministry. You will be a better leader of volunteers when you take time to volunteer.





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I am a follower of Christ, a husband, a dad, and a pastor. I serve at Grace Community Church as Executive Pastor. Before this position at GCC I served in multiple family ministry roles as kids, student, and family pastor for 15 years. I’m passionate about communicating, creating environments, and leading leaders, volunteers, and teams (it’s the inner coach in me, I love empowering people to do great things). Thankfully I have a job that allows me to do all three of these things.