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#008: The Absolute Best – and Simplest – Way to Remember What You Read in the Bible [Podcast]

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Has this ever happened to you? You read the Bible in the morning, and yet, later that very same day, you can’t remember what you read?! Ugh.

Today’s episode unpacks the best way I have found to actually remember what you read. And the beautiful thing is…it’s simple.

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This episode goes hand-in-hand with what we discussed in the last episode. If you haven’t listened to that one it would be a great place to start, since I reference it several times in this episode.

Episode 007: My #1 Tip for Helping You Like the Bible

So…how do you actually remember what you read in the Bible? What’s the trick?

It may sound overly simple, but it comes down to one word: repetition. Hanging out in one book of the Bible until you know it. Repetition is simple. But it just works.

There are three enormous benefits to repetition.

  1. What gets repeated gets remembered. There is no substitute for repetition when you want to make something stick. And it works whether you want to it or not. (Ever get a song from a kids’ show stuck in your head you wish would go away?!)
  2. Repetition leads to more frequent conversations with God. This is one of the coolest benefits I have experienced from repetition. I take a look at my own experience with this as well as why and how it happens.
  3. Repetition is the precursor to enjoying detailed study. When we dive into deep, detailed study right away, it can be very academic and “heady.” When we read – and repeat – the big picture before detailed study, then the deeper study is more like an intimate conversation with a friend we know and love.
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